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ச்ராத்தம் தர்பணம் பற்றிய கேள்வி-பதில்கள்

why only father's side parents are considered for pithrus?


Dear Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr :

I will respond to Quiestions 1to 3 if you can respond to Question in Paragraph 1 >
Thank you ,

It is very simple and logic and has Veda proof.
Before that I wish to indicate one practical example.
Now a days it is very familiar, that the lady who is impossible to bear a child in her ovary is hiring one from a third person lady, and using it to grow the baby of their vamsam.

So, it is clear that a container can not claim rights in the contents. Post man can not have rights in the money order delivered by him.

The sperm is only having the genetic substance, which is the main cause to give birth, and which can be had only from a potential male.

The Vedam says:
"Angath angath sambhavasi hrudhayaath athijaayase aathmaavai puthra naamasi
sajeeva sardhasshadham"
you can understand the sanskrit meaning thus:

The puthran is nothing but the rebirth of a same person (male)
Every angam limb is his own representation.

More over in the wedding manthras, immediately after saptha pathi:

"Sakha saptha pathi bhava .... samu chiththani aakaram .... rethoham rethobi:
thvam ...."
I be the rethas (means sperm), you are bearing that rethas in you or with you.
So many examples and evidences are there.

We could understand the feelings of females.
But, it is vain to agitate against the nature, it is wise to co operate with it
by understanding the nature and can conquer it.

So many special exemptions and liberations have given for female, a male can not
long for them.

Paapam and punyam are the ultimate product of living beings at the end of their
life. Female are very much exempted from paapam with very very easy efforts.

For example :
Not even a bit of paapam earned by a male is shared with his wife.
But punyam earned by a male is equally shared with his wife.
In different:
Not even a bit of punyam earned by a female is shared with her husband.
But paapam earned by a female is equally shared with her husband.

This is only one example from dharma shastram (not my own).
There are many exemptions are there for female.
This is the reason why ladies are not required to do Gayathri Japam.
Because doing gayathri japam is only to get punyam and get rid of paapam. If a female person is able get the punyam without any effort why should they try to do that instead of insisting their husband to do that?!!

proper feedbacks will encourage me to write more...!

Question on pithrus

Dear Swamin

It is heartening to get explanation on various practices in this area.

One thing that has bothered me (because my family asks questions!),

is why only father's side parents are considered for pithrus?

You have rendered yeoman service by publishing various e-series books.

I did gloss over the samkskaras briefly. Instead of formal publication,

is it possible to give explanations for various practices followed by us?

1.. For e-g., theettu (ahoucham in birth or death) in present day context,
wherein folks have moved
away from village->city->countries. How is it applicable and why?

2.. festivals ; Deepavali- should we clebrate the narakasura vadham or just
the good prevails
3.. Other than Srivaishnavas, how can rest of the world attain salvation?

I understand that any answer is based on shastras, but for not-so-sampradic
people, how

do we explain some of these

I am just a student, kindly forgive any transgression


Who are pithrus ? What are their links to the departed ?


Dear All:

The responses provided by Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr
are valuable to clear number of doubts that assail us
on the subject of Pithrus , Sraddham and PrapannAs .

I am sure you will find these inputs useful to you .

NamO Sriman Narayanaya ,

--- In vaideekam@yahoogroups.com, "Dr. Sadagopan" <yennappan@...>


Dear Sriman Vaasu VaadhyAr Swamy :
Could you please help a number of our readers ,
who wonder about Sraaddham related matters :

1) Who are pithrus ?
*** Departed three generation father side parents.

2) What are their links to the departed ?
*** This is replied from my experience; there may be some
evidence or may not be:
While doing the Sapindikarnam, a manthram "ye samaanaaha samanasaha
yamaraajyea ..... theshaam sri: mayi kalpathaam"
It is instructed this manthram should be told in
raising tone i.e, in high pitch at the end.

Pithrus are three type or three positions :
1. Vasu Roopam 2.Rudra roopam 3. Aadhithya roopam

by the sound produced here the 'anma' is pushed from here
by the vibrations produced.
At the same time, the pithrus already who are in the above
three stages are there to lift this new atma from their positions.
By which the new atma is getting the Vasu position of Vasu roopam
the old pithrus are getting shifted to next position.
The third one is reaching the swargam.

To proove this: (or as an evidence) the manthram told while
performing the 'Go (cow)' dhaanam, the manthram is like this:
"mama pithu prethasya / maathru prethayaa: pretha logaadhu pithru
logam gachchadha: madhya vaitharani nadhi uththaranartham ...."

So it is proved that pretha roopi is getting the pithru roopam.

Then ,
the manthram told while doing the 'Paadheya dhaanam' (curd rice
bundle) the sankalpam is like this:
"mama .......... pithru logaadh swarga logam gachchatha: madhya adhva
shram nivruthyartham ....."
So it is proved that the pithru roopi is getting the Swargam.

The difference between prapanna (sharanagathan) and others is:
The same anma is there in the all three roopams in the case of others
and some other deputed devada is there in the case of Prapannan.

This is to maintain the link for the future atmas.

3) How does PiNDam and Tilam offered to
the Pithrus reach them and satisfy them ?

A person who is having a physical body needs some food in the form
of solid or liquid (physically).
Pithrus are not in the physical form, so they don't need any physical
form of food.
But shastras are made for the convenient of human who are in the
world with physical bodies.
When one is doing his duty some other dharmam also to be protected or
maintained. So, sastram is instructing man to do Pancha yagnam daily.
The food offered for one or two swamis are coming under manushya
Pindams and thilam are going for Bhudha yagnam which will be given to
some cow or crow and or fishes in the pond.

Pindams are some sort of representation to convince the man by giving
some physical form to assume and to do with care (shradhai).

4) When some one leaves the body and
the Jeevan enters into another body ,
how is the food offered to a departed person
who was rerelated to you reach the Jeevan
experiencing its karmAs in another body ?

Jeevas are taking another body is a common verse not for brahmins,
the facility and speciality given for brahmin is the one that he can
protect their pithrus from rebirth by performing the pithru karmas.

If he does the karma perfectly then there is no room for this

Even if the soul got a new body (by chance), to keep the shastram he
has to perform the karmas.
5) In the case of the Muktha Jeevan that
never returns again to the Karma BhUmi
after SaraNAgathy , what happens to
the Food offered in their name during
the Sraaddham ?
Food offered is not for the pithrus, they are getting only
satisfcation. By offering the food to a swamin with the physical
body here in this world is getting a satisfaction, by which the atma
of that swamin is getting some kind of satisfaction which can be
conveyed are shared by the pitru atma which is some where else.

It can be prooved, that a person can talk from world with the person
who is in the moon. It shows, that a sound wave produced here is
spreading infinitely / endlessly to all places.
Like that this satisfaction feeling also can be conveyed.
6) What is the relationship between
the Pithrus and the Prapanna Jeevan ,
if at all any ?

Pithrus are the representatives of Prapanna jeevas arranged by
bhagavan to maintain the shastram for the convenient of future
atma to get the link.

We are doing all karmas as "Sriman naarayana preethyartham"
not as "Pithru preethyartham".

"Ekovishu: mahath bhudham .... bhunkthe .... avyaya:"
Vishnu himself is taking / eating all these things.

Dear Mmebers : I hope I have capyured your
questions . If there are others left out , please
ask . Let us focus on this area .

NamO SrI Veda PurushAya ,

Whether this way of doing srardham by me is correct or not?

i am the youngest son of my family.�Me and my elder brother are staying in
different places in country.My father has expired more than 15 years before,
Till now me and my elder brother are doing regular srardham for my father in my
elder brother's house . �

1) When me and my elder brother are not staying together through out the year,
is it correct to do srardham together as per shasthra. Some one told me that as
per shastra Srardham also has to be done separately only.
2) When my brother is doing srardham, Iam only helping and all main activities
are performed by him. �Whether this way of doing srardham by me is correct or
3) Can I alone go to Gaya and do Srardham for my father without my brother?�

Request learned persons to clarify me on the above points

After first Apthikam
all should do the shradham separately.
Anybody can go to Gaya individually.
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